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black and white and tan.jpg

Tan /Black/White


Includes:  tan 7ft ball pit, black and white rainbow climber, tan circular slide, matching blocks, 3 animal hoppers, fence and white floor(optional), 13.2ftx20ft additional space required for bouncer)

Bounce house not included

**Delivery fee may apply**


Tan  set


Includes: Square 7ft brown shades ball pit, soft blocks, circular tan slide, 3 animal hoppers, includes, shoe storage, white fence(optional), and white, grass or wood finish floor, 13.3x 13.3ft recommended. (Delivery fee may apply)

    ***Bigger set available upon request**


pink and purple


Set includes:9ft pink  ball pit, double tunnel rock climber, soft blocks, flower blocks, 3  animal hopper colors to match set, pink and purple floor and fence(optional), shoe storage and sign. (13.3ftx16.5ft)

small bouncer can be added for additional price

*** Delivery fee may apply***

ocean yellow.jpg

Nautical set

Includes: 7ft ball pit yellow and white stripes, small rock climber, tumbler slide, yellow and white blocks, animal hoppers, 

(fence and floor optional 13.2ftx19ft)

**Delivery fee may apply**

tan set jurassic park.jpg

Tan & Green


Includes: square ball pit 9ft in tan, green or black rainbow climber, soft blocks, circular slide, and 3 animal hoppers ( wood finish flooring, shoe storage and fence 13.2ftx16.8ft, colors of floor can be customized according to theme)

        **Delivery fee may apply**

red and white round.jpg

Carnival set


Includes: red and white stripe ball pit, yellow and white rock climber, matching circular slide red and white, yellow and white blocks, 3 animal hoppers (fence and floor optional, 13.2ftx19.8ft)

***Delivery fee may apply***


cow print


Includes: cow print 10ft ball pit,round climber, animal decofoams, soft blocks 3 animal hoppers, floor, fence, and shoe storage (size 13.2ftx19.8f) colors for floor and fence can be changed. 

*Delivery fee may apply**


Ocean set with Bouncer

White ball pit(7ft), circular slide , Number stools,3 animal hoppers, shoe storage, ocean finish floor, fence  (optional), minimum 13.2ft x19.8ft, (Delivery fee may apply).


    lilac set


*round lilac ball pit

*lilac tunnel climber

*lilac blocks

*pink and purple fence  (optional)

*shoe storage

*3 unicorn bouncers

*pink flooring

(set size recommended: 13.2ftx 16.5ft)

*** Delivery fee may apply**

*Bouncer not included (can be added)

white and gray .jpg

white and gray full set


All white and gray full set includes 7ft ball pit, small rock climber, circular slide and soft blocks  (Includes white fence and floor (color of choice) minimum 13.2x16.5ft not including measurements for bouncer.

  **Bouncer can be added for an additional fee

    ***Delivery fee may apply**


Black, white, yellow & Red


Set includes:  red, white, yellow, and black 7ft ball pit, black and white rock climber, linear slide, matching blocks, 3 animal hoppers, includes fence, floor, and shoe storage 13.2ftx16.5ft (can be race cars or mickey themed)

*Delivery fee may apply*

cars theme red.jpg
Red ball pit  set

Includes: square 9ft ball pit, black and white blocks, slide in red, black, yellow, car decofoams, wood finish floor and red fence optional  (13.2ftx16.5ft)

***Delivery fee may apply***



Black and White set


Includes: 9ft all black ball pit, white and black rainbow climber, matching square blocks, 3 animal hoppers, fence, floor and shoe storage( colors of floor fence can be changed), 13,2ftx16.5ft minimum

*Delivery fee may apply*

*Bouncer not included can be added*


polka dot set


Includes: round polka dot ball pit, pyramid slide, matching blocks, yellow and white rock climber, 3 animal hoppers, fence, floor and shoe storage                    (13.2ftx19.8ft)

**Delivery fee may apply***

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