Rainbow set


Mighty play zone



*small  ball pit

*pyramid slide/climb and slide

*animal decofoams

*small rock climber

*balance beam slide

*soft blocks

*4 animal hoppers

(shoe storage, fence (optional), and floor, 13.5ftx19.8ft)

**Delivery fee may apply, for children under 5yrs**

Pink & White set



*white 7ft ball pit with slide

*Rainbow climber

*linear slide

*square blocks

*3 animal hoppers

(shoe storage, white fence (optional), white floor, 13.2ftx16.5ft)

*Delivery fee may apply*

purple set large.jpg

Purple & pink


Includes: 9ft purple ball pit

purple white and pink rock climber,

matching blocks soft blocks, white fence, white, pink or lilac floor, shoe storage (recommended size 9.9ftx16.5ft or 13.2ftx 16.5ft)

*Delivery fee may apply*



*blue round ball pit

*double tunnel

*square blocks

*3 animal hoppers

(shoe storage, fence(optional) and mats included, minimum 13.2ftx13.2ft)

**Delivery fee may apply**

Full size Rose set



*Rose ball pit(7ft)   *rainbow climber

*Double tunnel climber

*foam blocks

*4  animal hoppers

*pink and yellow fence (optional), wood finish floor and show storage, 16.5ftx19.8ft

white & gray



*white ball pit(7ft), 

*rock climber

*circle tunnel slide

*matching blocks

*3 animal hoppers

* fence (optional), floor and shoe storage, 9.9ftx16.5ft or 13.2ftx16.5ft


Explorer Package

(also available in pink and blue shades)


Our most popular set includes: Ball pit (7ft),Rainbow Climber, Number stools, small block,

3 animal hoppers, shoe storage, floor, fence (optional),

minimum 13.2ft x13.2ft, (Delivery fee may apply available in pink and blue shades)


Blue Shades play set


Includes: Ball pit(7ft), Pyramid slide, Rainbow Climber, small blocks, Number stools, 4 animal hoppers, shoe storage, fence (optional), floor,  16.5ft x16.5ft minimum.

(Delivery fee may apply)


Dreamy Pink & white

Includes: Ball pit(7ft), pink tumbler slide, pink and white number blocks,  3 animal hoppers, shoe storage, fence (optional), floor,  13.2ft x13.2ft minimum.

(Delivery fee may apply, fence and floor colors can be changed)


Climb and slide set



*Pyramid Slide/ Climb & Slide  * Small Rock Climber *small ball pit *Small blocks*3 animal hoppers* animal decofoams, includes

Shoe storage, floor, and fence (optional) children 5 years and under, minimum  13.5 ft.x16.5 ft (set in picture)

(Delivery fee may apply)

small pink with slide.jpg

Rose playset



*Rose ball pit (7ft), linear slide, matching Square blocks,3 animal hoppers
* Includes Floor, Fence (optional), shoe storage, minimum 13.5x13.5ft 
(Delivery fee may apply)


   Crystal Set 






*9ft  premium round pink and white ball pit

*Pink,blue,yellow,green double tunnel climber

*pink,blue,yellow and green blocks

*pink fence (optional)

*shoe storage

*3 unicorn bouncers

*wood finish flooring (set size recommended: 13.2ftx 16.5,)

*Delivery fee may apply