Round lilac

16ft All white Ball Pit (size varies)

skinny all white

Brown shades

Large Rose Ball Pit

All white 7ft

black & white 7ft

Large Blue and Gray

Multicolored Heptagon Ball Pit

Our Most popular 7ft Ball Pit

Available in additional colors:

-Blue and gray, rose shades, black and white, yellow and white, safari (brown,orange,green), mickey/cars (red,white,yellow,black),all gray,white and tan, mint colors, multicolored (prime colors blue, red, yellow, green).

tan 7ft

riund blue.jpg

Mint Round pit

(can be made bigger)


Giant mouse pit

Ball Pit Experiences 


Our exclusive ball pits will be the life of the party! Ball pit experiences include, floor(color of choice)and fence (optional), soft blocks, and shoe storage. Additional items may be added for a custom set. Ball pit sizes range from 7ft-16ft. 

Pink & white


Cow Print

Polka dot pit

Round Red & White stripes

All White 10ftx10ft

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